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Here's a list of therapies on offer from Rainbow Healing. 


Hypnotherapy with Melanie

Just about everybody who is not under the influence can accept the state of hypnosis.  In fact we are in a state of hypnosis when doing things like driving a car, watching TV or reading a good book, so you see everybody is capable of going into this heightened state of trance.

Hypnosis is a healing method which directly interacts with your subconscious mind, giving it clear, beneficial instructions in order to recharge and alert it to respond to issues with a more positive outlook. Being in the state of hypnosis is a rather pleasant, relaxing experience. Once there, your subconscious mind remains alert and responsive to the hypnotherapists suggestions.

Creating Calm with Crystal Reiki

Reiki is an amazingly simple but powerful form of spiritual healing practice in which the practitioner channels Reiki—universal life force energy—which is in and around every living being.

This means Reiki is for everyone because everyone has Reiki—it is a completely natural energy. Think of when a child falls and scrapes their knee: their parent places a hand on the knee for a few seconds, and the pain disappears—this is Reiki healing.


When crystal healing is combined with Reiki, it is like hitting the healing overdrive switch! Crystals have an innate energy of their own. They bring everything to balance and speed the body’s natural healing ability. You don’t have to do anything to get a crystal to work other than place it in your vicinity. However, if you do add your intent and your energy, your crystals will work better because they’ll pick up your intention and magnify it manyfold. And if Reiki is the energy that is flowing through you, then your crystals will collect the Reiki, multiply its effect, and focus on its objective.


Reiki is channeled using sacred symbols. In the past, there has been much discussion about whether these symbols should be secret as well as sacred. However, circumstances have overtaken these discussions and as they are readily visible all over the internet today there is no point in taking this debate further. What remains vitally important is that these symbols are sacred. If you treat them as such, they will help and support your practice, if you treat them otherwise, they won’t. Please give them respect.

Indian Head Massage

What is an Indian head massage?

In Indian head massage, the therapist concentrates on massaging your head, neck, and shoulders. This profoundly enjoyable and relaxing massage technique helps promote health and well-being. It stimulates nerve endings, improves blood supply to the scalp, and can encourage hair growth.

Woman getting a head massage at a spa

What to expect:

You sit fully clothed in a comfortable chair. Indian head massage is wonderfully relaxing, and at the end of your session, you should feel an enhanced sense of well-being. One of the many benefits of Indian head massage is that it helps draw out poisonous toxins from your body. You may, therefore, feel a shade under the weather for a day or so after your session as your body gradually regains its natural balance.

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